Five reasons to try chewable CBD tablets

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Five reasons to try chewable CBD tablets

With so many CBD products available, such as oils and vapes, why would you consider a chewable tablet to imbue the flavour of CBD as part of your lifestyle?

Here are five reasons why we believe chewable tablets are a great alternative to the established methods of intake:

  • Precise
    The dosage of each tablet is consistent, meaning you know exactly how much you take and can easily adjust it, up or down, to suit your requirements.
  • Tasty
    In three great flavours - mint, berry and orange - our supplements effectively help to mask the traditional earthiness of CBD.
  • Discreet
    No need to mess with the inconvenience of droppers or finding a place to smoke, just pop the bottle cap and put one in your mouth. No fuss.
  • Disintegrates
    Tablets are designed to be chewed, disintegrating smoothly in the mouth - no additional water required - to easily release the active ingredient. Perfect for people who dislike swallowing or who have difficulty with it.
  • Safe
    With no THC and therefore having no psychoactive effects, Holobiomics chewable CBD tablets are 100% legal and safe for consumption, in-line with recent 2021 guidance.

So what are you waiting for?

As the first UK-based company to introduce a chewable CBD tablet in a user-friendly dose, we are passionate about supplements for your everyday lifestyle and wellness. Combining effective ingredients backed by spear-heading science and time-tested research, we are always examining the latest information to develop our reputation as the place where all diets and lifestyles can meet.

Whether you are just considering CBD or are an established consumer, why not try or switch to a clean and hassle-free and comfortable method of managing your CBD intake.

If you have any questions whatsoever about us or our products, please get in touch.