UK man sentenced for CBD in Dubai

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UK man sentenced for CBD in Dubai

A twenty-four-year-old British man, having been found in possession of CBD, has been sentenced to twenty-five years in a Dubai prison.

Reports have surfaced that, earlier this year, police found four small bottles of CBD and a vape pen in the car of Billy Hood from Kensington.

Working as a football coach in the United Arab Emirates, he was found guilty of possession, selling and drug trafficking in Dubai. According to reports, however, Hood claims a friend left the CBD bottles and vape pen in his car. Mr. Hood, who played semi-professional football for Kensington and Ealing Borough F.C., plans to appeal the sentence.

Although our chewable CBD tablets are 100% legal in the UK, they are prohibited in many areas of the world such as the United Arab Emirates. The UAE in particular have a zero-tolerance approach to drug-related offences.

So enjoy our products safely and without worry in the UK, but if you are travelling, please check and double-check your suitcase and possessions before leaving, and remove any traces of CBD beforehand. If there is any doubt whatsoever, leave them at home.