What if I don't like the taste of CBD?

What if I don't like the taste of CBD?

CBD comes in various forms. You can smoke or vape, with the latter containing flavour enhancers to mask the earthy taste of the CBD.

Oils or capsules are another widely used method of intake. Despite putting the droplets under your tongue so that it can be absorbed through the mucous membrane, it can still leave that lingering peaty flavour in your mouth, which some people don't enjoy.

Adding the oils to foods or during baking is common to make 'edibles'. That often disguises the flavour, but if the concentration is too high you'll still taste it. Plus you run the risk of not delivering consistent dosage or it being unevenly distributed.

That's why our chewable tablets are in three delicious flavours - orange, berry and mint - to help mask the raw CBD taste. Not only are they convenient and accurately dosed, it's more discreet to pop a tablet in your mouth than use a dropper to squirt under your tongue - perfect if you're out and about, at work or off to the gym.

Whether you like the taste of traditional CBD or not, why not try our tasty chewable CBD today? We're the first UK-based company to introduce such a tablet imbuing CBD in a user-friendly dose that orally disintegrates. And if you don't believe us about how great the flavour is, take a look at the glowing review from CBD Sloth on our tablets.

If you have any questions surrounding the tablets, dosage or wish to receive further information, please get in touch.