About Us



We are a UK based company and brand and believe that nutritional supplements can help almost anyone. We hope to develop our reputation as the best by combining effective ingredients backed by spear-heading science and time-tested research – we DO NOT overlook or discount any nutritional idea and are always examining the latest information. 

Holobiomics is a place where all diets and lifestyles can meet. That includes appropriate supplementation to meet the individual’s needs.

We are indefinitely passionate about what we do and the people we serve.


Our promise to you:

Whether you are new to supplements, our supplement types, or a fairly confident user, we will do our best to give you the facts, helping to take guesswork out of supplementation, and without all the overwhelming jargon.



Our launch product: CBD Chewable Tablet:

We are the first UK based company to introduce a Chewable CBD Tablet imbuing CBD into a user-friendly dose that orally disintegrates.

We hope to provide users with a new, innovative way of taking CBD, and help those individuals who have difficulty accepting standard oils, capsules, and tablets; whether that be through preference or if users have difficulty swallowing (Dysphagia) these typical forms of supplement. Also, and since our tablet is chewable and orally disintegrates, no water is required, making it convenient to handle during everyday use and even when at the gym for example.

Currently, our product is available in 3 flavours (Orange, Berry and Mint). 

Our Chewable Tablet is discreet, easy to use on-the-go, safe and consistently dosed. Each tablet disintegrates smoothly in the mouth upon chewing and releases a combination of incredible taste and enjoyable mouthfeel, easily releasing the ingredients in the process. 

From a consumer product perspective – and thinking about the typical “bad” flavour of CBD products – we aimed for improved flavour and user experience which ultimately leads to improved compliance to a person’s own wellness routine, giving the best chance over the term of that individual achieving the outcome they wanted. If it tastes and feels great to take then the user will find it easier to be compliant with what they hope to achieve, and we want to help you help yourself! 

Manufacture is completed in the UK, in a GMP compliant site to ensure process and product quality. All of our products and ingredients follow a rigorous and stringent quality control workflow to ensure we sell exactly what we say we do and are free of any harmful ingredients and contaminants.